Metal Laser Cutting

Why FIBER Laser Cutting?

Fiber Lasers are FAST, in some cases up to 250% faster than conventional CO2 lasers. They are also VERSATILE, allowing Container Service Group to cut ferrous, non-ferrous and reflective materials – including Copper and Brass. Part accuracies and edge quality are phenomenal.

Our Fibermak Laser offers the Cutting Capacity and the Production Capacity to be your parts provider! Our Cutting Capacities; Mild Steel 20mm (.787”) with Oxygen, Stainless Steel (½”), AL (5/16”), Copper & Brass (1/4”), Galvanized (9 Ga.). Our production Capacity is improved by our streamlined engineering & programming, Efficient Machine Loading & Material Storage, and our Manufacturing expertise.

Fiber Lasers Operate at ½ the Cost of a CO2! Container Service Group also has the unique capability of Air-Cutting Stainless Steel up to 3/16” (Depending on Part Requirements). Our Fibermak laser offers our customers the Highest Processing Speeds & Throughput, Most Versatile Machine Capability, and the LOWEST COST!

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